How often do we thank someone?  What do we think merits a thank you?  If someone is just doing their job, should we thank them?  From my observations, a good many people would say “no, why thank someone for doing what they’re paid to do?!”   A modest suggestion: Let’s all add a few more “thank you’s” to our daily interactions.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where someone reports to you or “works for” you, say thank you when a task is completed; throw in a thank you at the end of the work day.  If a further compliment is warranted for a job particularly well done, don’t be stingy.  If you are eating out, thank the busboy when he pours your water or takes your plate (and be thankful that you can afford to have others wait on you while you’re at it).  You may be the only person that day to even acknowledge his/her existence.  I bet they notice.  We may think it doesn’t matter; but it does.  At any rate, it costs us nothing and may, if only for a moment, make someone feel valued and appreciated - a worthy investment in a single word I think!

Maybe this could even catch on.  Imagine a world where everyone takes an extra second to thank another even if they are “just doing their job.”  Then again, this could lead to total anarchy.
10/12/2011 05:17:59 am

You can't "overthank" can you? We recently started sending handwritten thank you notes upon every new site launch -- getting great feedback!


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