Wondering how "Black Friday" got its name, I did some basic googling.  One theory is that the phrase was first coined by Phidelphia Police in reference to all of the automobile and pedestrian traffic on this busiest of shopping days.

Strangely, stores now proudly announce Black Friday specials as if publicizing them enough will deaden us this pejorative moniker.  As for me, I see it is a truly fitting title as it brings out the worst in us as we grapple with one another to save a few dollars on some gadget or gift - and all after the day we were supposed to give thoughtful, if not prayerful, thanks for our true gifts and blessings: one another.  What could be blacker than the sight of greedy frenzied shoppers pressing against the doors only to scream, scamper, and trample to be at the top of the bargain heap?

I propose changing the color of Black Friday by using it for one more day of thanks and togetherness; perhaps even to do some volunteer work.  If you must shop, make some extra purchases for the needy and those cold and suffering in the aftermath of Sandy.  I bet the satisfaction from such a day willl far exceed the value of the money saved by scaling heaps of frenzied shoppers, and perhaps, just perhaps, the bargains will go to those who need them more - a nice side effect.

The toys and gadgets aren't going anywhere, and our money will be just as green another day.

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