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Finding Igor – An Intersection Adventure
Frederick (Rick) Alimonti

... Start with a childhood adventures like Goonies, add a youthful time of wonder and magic a la Robert McCammon, sprinkle on some horrific relics care of Stephen King, toss in Roald Dahl’s sense of humor and poetic justice, wrap it all up with a Rod Serling bow, and you would get something like Finding Igor – An Intersection Adventure, but not quite.

Although awash in supernatural elements, in the end, Finding Igor is a story of humanity, friendship, and compassion. Our protagonist, Richie, is an introspective twelve-year-old living in the quite ordinary neighborhood of Whitestone, Queens, circa 1973. Impelled by his buddy Sam’s (for Samantha) love of adventure [and knack for trouble], the two of them follow, “Igor” the neighborhood kook, into the back-alleys of the local garden apartments on a cold October night, where they discover the “Intersection,” a seemingly infinite basement stocked with objects from all places and times. Once stored in the intersection, these artifacts “resonate” and share their fascinating - and sometimes frightful histories - with anyone properly “attuned.” Richie and Sam will relive past events, some historic (like the Chicago Fire), others deeply personal, but all worthy of preservation in the Intersection, a place where forces of nature intersect and amplify an object’s “imprint.”

Through the Intersection, Richie and Sam discover that the man they mockingly dubbed as Igor, is a kindly, but tortured soul – a man they are destined and compelled to help. Yet following this destiny will require them to leave the safety of their Whitestone dominion and follow a course set for them by objects that tell the tale of Mr. Campbell’s (Igor’s real name) lost son, the Vietnam War, and the rough streets of Melrose, South Bronx. When our story concludes, our characters are all transformed, but as much by the magic of friendship, than by any mystic force. Not even the neighborhood bullies will be quite the same again, and as for Richie and Sam, now “Apprentice Caretakers,” adventures have just begun.

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