Elevating the Conversation – And Others Along with It?

There is something wonderful and intoxicating about being the “guest of honor.”  Whether formal or informally recognized, you can observe the pecking order at any social gathering.  The guests may include the very interesting “honored guest” comfortably ”holding court” – someone it seems everyone wants to meet and impress.  At the other extreme, you have the quiet “wall flower” unable to engage in any conversation and perhaps looking awkward and uncomfortable.  As we meet and encounter others, how easy is it to crave an elevated position, turn the conversation towards ourselves, avail ourselves of the well-placed name-drop?

Here’s a suggestion, and not an easy one, when next in such a situation, resist the temptation to be the most important person in the room.  Stop competing.  Rather, make it your mission to elevate those to whom you speak to that position instead.  Really talk to them; find out about them; be genuinely interested.  Start with those who seem to be on the periphery of the event, and truly engage them.  You may make his/her nightThe difference may well be the difference between being thought the most important person in the room and actually having been so.

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